Young people today lack proper direction to grow in virtue and build morally sound characters. Because of the influence of the Culture of Death, the youth find themselves drawn to the allures of sex, drugs, and violence. Thus, they end up forming themselves as characters of sin and vice rather than growing up as virtuous members of society and the Church.

MHCC Activities

To answer the challenge of today’s world the MHCC has designed a program that fits the needs of the young people.

The Mary Help of Christians Crusade adapts a threefold program of:

MHCC Activities

To answer the challenge of today’s world the MHCC has designed a program that fits the needs of the young people.

The Mary Help of Christians Crusade adapts a threefold program of:

Winning (Recruiting)

High School students 13-17 years of age are active and want to do things where they can exercise their skills, talents and physical strength. Activities that they enjoy include singing, dancing, and sports. Stories are very effective when it comes to teaching students about morals. All the efforts of the missionary in the winning stage is to win the trust of the youth. Everything that the missionary says and does must be with the intention to develop an honest and genuine relationship with his students wherein students are completely confident in their MHCC brothers and sisters.

A missionary inspires the MHCC High School students under his care

The Mary Help of Christians Crusade (MHCC) answers the needs of the youth by organizing activities that challenge them and will lead them to God. The approach of the MHCC is holistic, considering not only physical, emotional, mental abilities of the young people but above all the spirituality that they badly need.

Activities are divided into daily, weekly, monthly and annually respectively:



  1. Recitation of the Holy Rosary – The members will lead the praying of the Campus Holy Rosary before the Flag Ceremony in the Morning.
  2. Daily Visit to the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel – The members are also encouraged to adore before the Blessed Sacrament at least 15 minutes to one hour before going home.
  3. MHCC Teach-In Program – The MHCC Auxiliaries and SCG Coordinators will give tutorial services at the MHCC Center to members who have difficulty in academic subjects. This service is available after class hours.

A faithful MHCC Member has Mama Mary in his or her life by praying the Rosary everyday



  1. Catechism Classes – At every school, the OATH Brothers and LIHM Sisters are assigned to teach in class. They teach basic catechism.
  2. Choir Practice – Schools normally ask MHCC members to sing whenever there is a celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  3. Liturgical Practice – This is exclusive for the MHCC boys who are in charge of serving in the mass inside or outside the school like during the Com-Rep Vigils in the parishes.
  4. Prayer MeetingMHCC Animators sometimes lead these when there is no brother of sister available. There is a short reflection on the Sunday Mass readings.
  5. MHCC Auxiliary MeetingMHCC Auxiliaries from the different school gather every week. They receive special formation and undergo special training.

Everyweek the MHCC members are able to gather for prayer and formation in their own High School



  1. General Mariology – MHCC members from different schools gather once a month. During Mariology, they learn more about the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is also an opportunity for the MHCC members to show their talents by way of skit, song and dance presentation. Fellowship between members takes place because they interact with each other through games and other activities.
  2. Communion of Reparation Vigil - Overnight vigil every First Friday and Saturday in reparation for the sins against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  3. MHCC Cooperators and Animators Recollection / Meeting — Monthly formation of MHCC Cooperators and Animators. They receive formation in the spirituality and Charism of the Two Hearts Institutes. After this recollection, a short meeting is conducted for evaluation.

The MHCC showcase their God-given talents at the annual Marian Contest



  1. MHCC Kick-Off Mass – This event marks the start of a new year of MHCC activities.
  2. Animators on Fire / Values Formation Seminar for Teachers — A two-day retreat for teachers who aspire to become MHCC Animators.
  3. Values Formation Seminar for Students – Leadership seminar for MHCC members who will become youth leaders in their respective schools.
  4. Marian Visitation and Living Rosary — During the month of September and October in celebration of the Birthday of Mama Mary and the Month of Holy Rosary the image of Our Lady of Fatima visits different school.
  5. Marian Contest – Annual contest involving slogan making, song writing, dance interpretation and poster making in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary.
  6. Marian Exhibit and Rosary Rally — The culminating activity of the Month of the Rosary. An exhibit of different images and icons of Mama Mary is set up and the rosary rally is conducted to show the importance of the Holy Rosary and wearing of Scapulars.
  7. Youth Conference for Life (YCL) - A one-day program focusing on the importance of Purity and Chastity for the Youth. This is a Pro-life program that shows the urgency of respecting human life.
  8. MHCC Advent Recollection for Students — A recollection for MHCC Members in preparation for Christmas.
  9. MHCC Animators Advent Retreat – A two-day retreat for Animators, Cooperators and members of the Third Order of the Two Hearts in preparation for Christmas.
  10. MHCC Chorale Competition — A one-day Music Festival for the Youth.
  11. MHCC Christmas Party – A fellowship of Animators, Members and missionaries in celebration of the birthday of Jesus.
  12. MHCC Cultural Show – A one-day program presenting the different talents of MHCC members in singing, dancing and skit presentation.
  13. MHCC Youth Camp – An overnight activity to train MHCC in leadership skills.
  14. MHCC Animators Lenten Retreat – A two-day retreat of prayer and reflection on the Passion of Christ.
  15. Vocation Campaign /Search in Seminar – The day where MHCC members of the graduating class are invited to have join a retreat and be given an orientation about religious life.
  16. ADORE/BELIEVE Youth Eucharistic Congress — 3 days of youth talks, activities about the Holy Eucharist and the Real Presence of Jesus.

Young Catholics enjoy at the Believe Congress 3 days of wholseome and inspiring activities

Forming (Mentalizing)

“You cannot give what you do not have.” A blind man cannot lead another man without leading into trouble. MHCC missionaries, collaborators and animators cannot be good shepherds without the proper formation. The deeper a person is formed in the MHCC charism, the more that a person grows in his love for the MHCC movement and the Two Hearts.

Counseling the youth is a very serious matter. It is perhaps one of the most difficult things and potentially one of the most gratifying works. In guiding the youth, souls are brought closer to God. The young people themselves place their confidence in the all the MHCC affiliates.

More about the MHCC Formation

Sending (Apostolate)

After MHCC Missionaries, Cooperators, Animators and SCG’s are thoroughly formed in the MHCC charisms, they are ready to be sent to proclaim the Gospel to the rest of the world. Every member of the MHCC can be considered a missionary.

An MHCC Missionary is ready to be sent anywhere in the world

Part of the MHCC program is the sending of thoroughly formed MHCC members to do apostolate. In doing apostolate, MHCC members imitate the prophetic function of Christ. The mission of all MHCC members is to bring the young people to the Absolute Truth and to the Absolute Good—God.


O Loving Jesus, You have made us for Yourself, our hearts are restless until it rests in You. We seek only to do Your will. Grant us Your grace to bring more souls to follow and to love You. AMEN.

"The happiness you are looking for has a name and a face... it is Jesus!"

Pope Benedict XVI

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