Dep-Ed and MHCC

The Department of Education (DepEd) is a government agency supervising the public and private schools of the elementary and secondary level.

The Dep-Ed's main concern is to provide a quality education for the student not only academically but also in all aspects of life that the student should learn, such as spirituality.

The Dep-Ed's main concern is to provide a quality education for the student not only academically but also in all aspects of life that the student should learn, such as spirituality.

History of the Dep-Ed

Generally, the DepEd sustains its identity as a non-sectarian institution. There are times when considerations are made for the benefit of the students. One existing scenario is the allowance of Catechism in schools wherein fact the majority of students is Roman Catholic. Such programs are voluntary in nature and it must have parental consent.

DepEd officials are thoroughly convinced with the MHCC program - they see it as the hope for the youth

The former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in a speech during the Foundation anniversary of Philippine National Police Antiā€“Drug Task Force ordered the DepEd to restore teaching of catechism in public school nationwide. According to President Arroyo, values formation such as catechism classes will help strengthen the moral and spiritual fiber of schoolchildren in their formative years. Arroyo recognized the privilege that students in Catholic schools have over those in public schools because of the availability of catechism. She realized the importance of catechism in schools when she became a student catechist during her collegiate years.

The DepEd endorsed the advisory on July 6, 2004 allowing the MHCC and its missionaries to operate in the entire Philippines.

Advantages of the DEP-ED Endorsement

The Department of Education has been supportive of the Mary Help of Christians Crusade (MHCC) since it started in 1986. The DepEd released an advisory endorsing the program nationwide. The DepEd advisory no. 100,s. 2004 can be seen on the official website of the Deparment of Education at

The DepEd endorsement of the MHCC has helped in the following ways:

  1. Department of Education offices nationwide recognize the MHCC.
  2. School heads recognize the MHCC as a DepEd approved program.
  3. There is easy communication between different schools.
  4. Supervisors monitor the implementation of MHCC programs in various schools and offices.
  5. Neither schools nor churches question the motives of the MHCC.
  6. DepEd approval allows the implementation of MHCC activities in churches even without express consent.

The DEP-ED Advisory for MHCC

DepEd Advisory no. 100,s.2004
In compliance with DECS Order No.28,s.2001

This advisory is issued for the information of DepEd officials and personnel. Visit DepEd website at

Issued July 6, 2004

"Adults should stimulate young persons by good example and offering them effective advice and willing assistance."

Bl. John Paul II the Great

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